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Soup of the Day

Denny’s mouth-watering Soup of the Day range is lovingly made with choice, quality ingredients that guarantee the foundation of a wholesome, hearty and healthy meal for the whole family. Tasting every bit as good as home-made, Soup of the Day is affordable, easy to prepare – just heat and serve – and free of all artificial colourants, flavourants, MSG or added preservatives. With six different and perfectly flavour-balanced soups to choose from, there is no better way to deliciously warm up those wintery days than with Denny’s Soup of the Day!

Butternut and Coconut Soup

A rich blend of butternut, spices and coconut cream, seasoned with fragrant coriander.

Serving Suggestions:
Add a swirl of fresh cream and serve with flat bread.
Serve with deep-fried butternut shavings and fresh coriander leaves.

*Allergens: Cow’s Milk, Gluten

Tuscan Bean and Vegetable soup

A delicious, Tuscan style vegetable soup made with Italian tomatoes, beans, pasta shells and fragrant basil.

Serving Suggestions:
Add sliced pork sausage or crispy bacon bits and serve with warm ciabatta.
Garnish with finely chopped fresh rosemary and parmesan shavings.

*Allergens: Egg, Cow’s Milk, Gluten
*Virtually free from cholesterol

Sundried Tomato Soup

A delicious blend of sundried tomatoes and cream combined with a medley of Mediterranean herbs.

Serving Suggestions:
Add crumbled feta and serve with slices of toasted bread, spread with roasted garlic.
Garnish with a dollop of basil pesto and serve with olive bruschetta.

Allergens: Cow’s Milk, Gluten
*Virtually free from trans fat

Mushroom & Black Pepper Soup

A rich mushroom soup made with cream and seasoned with aromatic herbs and a hint of cracked black pepper.

Serving Suggestions:
Garnish with strips of chives or chopped spring onions and serve with warm French bread.
Sprinkle with chopped flat-leaf parsley and crispy bacon bits.

*Allergens: Cow’s Milk, Gluten

Lamb and Butternut Soup

A rich lamb and butternut soup made with tomatoes, chickpeas and spices.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve with roti and a salad of chopped cucumber and plain yoghurt
Serve with finely chopped red chilli and fresh mint leaves.